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Born in 2014 in a time of global economic crisis and the age of the internet , facebook, twitter , website , youtube etc … are aware that you have to think well, think big and set the above work in a different way from traditional AGV .

Today, the way of working of the AGV is substantially changed , tour operators seeking to distance itself from the portals offering thousands of hotel rooms at rates varying and sometimes incomprehensible , he feels the need to find innovative and different paths one needs to betting oneself into new markets with product details, innovative and niche .

The VST is a very ambitious project , we start with two locations in the city that has always been the point of reference for the tourism and hospitality Siciliano ie Taormina and Cefalu, with a dynamic management and long experience you want with determination to conquer slices of the international market with proposals that enhance the product Sicily and services performed under the banner of professionalism so that you can redeem the good name of our country.

The main theme will be the incoming and above all to make known to our tourists, traveling through tours or stays , this important region is full of history, art and culture that the world envies us.

Visit Sicily Tours will be in the next few years , certainly an important topic , and active protagonist for the development and revitalization of the incoming tourism in Sicily.

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Escursioni marittime:       Panarea & Stromboli        Lipari & Vulcano         Coast To Coast

Escursioni terrestri:  Sicilia Sconosciuta  Siracusa  Etna & Taormina  Palermo & Monreale  Agrigento & Piazza Armerina